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Kalimat Luapan Jiwa

“Life is not a bed of roses. It will end soon and new and eternal life will start. We better start preparing for that before its too late.”

“never run too fast. Take each second as it is and try to work the best.”

“A diamond is nothing but a piece of carbon, that handled pressures well !!”

“To the Question of your Life,You are the only Answer.To the Problems of your life,you are the only Solution.”

“When you’re too old to learn, it’s time to lay down and die.”


“What will be, Will Be!”

“Love & Be loved by everyone”

“Learn from your mistakes”

” Each cigarette shortens your life by three minutes, so smoke faster.”

“Man’s mind stretched to a new idea never returns to it’s original dimensions

“do what u want in ur life which is good”

“My philosophy of life”

“A smile costs nothing, but gives much. It enriches those who reveive, without making poorer those who give.”

“You will Never Fail, Until You Say I QUIT!”
“There is to ways to live your life, one is to think that nothing is a miracle,The other is to think that everything in our life is a miracle!!..(Albert Eientein)”

“Work justice and honesty let us sleep well and wake-up every morning with a big smile. We must respect the others to live in society.”


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